Pacific Reading PDFs Update (12/20/16)


These docs are under the History of the Pre-Colonial Pacific subfolder

Readings that are bold are my personal favorites. Happy reading!!

  • New England Missionary Wives, Hawaiian Women and ‘The Cult of True Womanhood” by Patricia Grimshaw
  • The Postmodern Legacy of a Premodern Warrior Goddess in Modern Samoa by Malama Meleisea
  • Tuku Whenua and Land Sale in New Zealand in the Nineteenth Century by Margaret Mutu
  • Aupuni (From Dismembering Lahui: A History of the Hawaiian Monarchy to 1887) by Jonathan Kay Kamakawiwo’ole Osorio
  • Scholarship from a Lazy Native by Teresia K. Teaiwa
  • Tatauing the Post-Colonial Body by Albert Wendt
  • Possessing Tahiti by Greg Dening
  • The Past Before Us by Nehe Dewes
  • Simply Chamorro: Telling Tales of Demise and Survival in Guam by Vicente M. Diaz
  • The Other One-Third of the Globe by Ben Finney
  • Beyond “the English Method of Tattooing”: Decentering the Practice of History in Oceania by David Hanlon
  • Indigenous Knowledge and Academic Imperialism by Vilsoni Hereniko
  • My Musket, My Missionary, and My Mana by Pat Hohepa
  • Desire, Difference and Disease: Sexual and Veneral Exchanges on Cook’s Voyages in the Pacific by Margaret Jolly
  • ‘I Search for the Channel Made Fragrant by The Maile’: Genealogies of Discontent and Hope by Ty Tengan and Lamaku Roy

Here are the past Pacific Reading PDFs posts

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