Not all Pacific Islanders are Hawaiian: Let’s Talk about Micronesia

Dear Dad

Dear Readers,

My mother, Andonia Phillip, wasn’t there to hear me out when I spoke at Willamette University proudly talked about my home country, because she had to work. So I decided, I would blog the whole entire speech just for her. She’s my biggest supporter on this journey. Happy Mother’s Day Mom.

But before I continue on, I would like to thank Jacky Leung, the person behind the event “Not all Pacific Islanders are Hawaiian.” Jacky, if you’re reading this, I just want to say thank you so much for putting together an event on your school campus where not many know about the Pacific Islands, and my big appreciation to you for creating this event and specifically acknowledge Micronesia. Kinisou Chapur as I say Thank You in my native tongue.

Here we go: DSC_2059

“Where the heck is Micronesia?” I get that question a lot.

Besides the beautiful Micronesian…

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