this is the whole graduation from my High school Kahuku High located on the north shore of Oahu for every one calling my school ghetto because we can dance and sing is extremely disrespectful. and saying “i love black people” Majority of my school have Polynesian ethnicity

There is an undercurrent issue with a lot of social justice, where we automatically assume anyone with dark skin is black. Kahuku Highschool has a majority Indigenous or Native enrollment – from all across the Pacific Islands. It’s wrong to credit another community with the hard work of another. I hope that this goes viral as well, to correct the mistake. We have ghettos here in Hawai’i, but associating that with the hard work and diligence that these graduates of Kahuku have put in is also wrong. As an aside, Kahuku is one of the most beautiful places on the island of O’ahu. It’s a quaint and lovely town, with almost unmatched mountains and sea (and da bes’ corn ennywhea). We are Indigenous, we are Pacific Islander. We work hard for our own identities, and we deserve to be credited as such.

I’m really proud of Kahuku HS. I’m proud of all Hawai’i graduates, because you are Indigenous, and you did it. Against odds, and statistics, you did it. You graduated. I have so much aloha for all of na haumana going into the world. I’m so proud of you.

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