PASIFIKA HISTORY – Grace Mera Molisa

Grace Mera Molisa (1946-2002) was a ni-Vanuatu poet, politician, and women’s rights activists. Described as “a vanguard for Melanesian culture and a voice of the ni-Vanuatu, especially women,” she published a collection of poems under Blackstone Publishing which was her one-woman operation. She went on to publish more poems that focused on the lives of women in Vanuatu.

She created Vanuatu’s National Arts Festival, was one out of two women members of the National Constitution Committee, and was a signatory of the Constitution of Vanuatu in 1979, along with her husband Sela Molisa. Grace has been regarded as one of the Pacific’s leading public intellectuals and activists.

Finding Molisa’s poems wasn’t the easiest, but I did manage to find Black Stone on Google books. Selina Tusitala Marsh wrote an essay on Grace’s poetry. More info here and here.

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