Hi’iakaikapoliopele: Goddess of hula dancers and could weaver and Pele, The goddess of fire and Volcanoes, most beloved sister

Hi’iakaikapoliopele was Pele’s most beloved sister, although she was conceived in Tahiti, Pele brought Hi’iakaikaikapoliopele to Hawaii in egg form and kept Hi’iakaikapoliopele with her at all times to incubate her. Once hatched and in human form she lived in a sacred lehua grove and danced hula with many of the spirits there and with her best friend, Laka the goddess of Hula.
Hi’iakaikapoliopele means “Cloud weaver cradled in the bosom of Pele”

All of Pele’s sisters, 12 of them, all started their name with Hi’iaka.

Hiʻiakaikapoliopele’s best friend was not Laka, her best friend was Hopoe. The Goddess Laka lived on the island on Molokaʻi.

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