Support from international star helps raise awareness on Mauna Kea

Maori Television: April 6th 2015  

Protests continue on Hawaiian mountain Mauna Kea as a petition circulates in the hopes of protecting their sacred mountain.

Supporters on Mauna Kea say the protest has built even more momentum thanks to the support of an international star, Hawaiian native Jason Momoa.

“Safeguard the mountain”, is a chant heard at Mauna Kea which is exactly what locals are trying to do.

Joshua Lanakila Mangauil says, “We have been singing, chanting and praying to the akua for.”

31 protesters were arrested over the weekend and one international film star wanted to help.

Jason Momoa came up to the mountain to show his aloha.

Signatures have been collected for the petition over the weekend.

The annual Pacific cultural festival, The Merrie Monarch, kicks off this week, where many of the kumu hula (hula masters) and performers are expected to make their way up to Mauna Kea to pay tribute.

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